Sustainable Design and Environmental Stewardship






sustainability &environmental stewardship

Practicing architecture in Chester County, Pennsylvania over a thirty-year period has cultivated a deep appreciation for preservation of natural environments and conservation of resources. Much of our work has long followed design principles that are now recognized as fundamental to sustainable design:


· Locality - Responding to the unique qualities of places is at the heart of every project. Climate, local or regional building materials and the essence of indigenous building traditions inform our approach to providing contemporary solutions to contemporary programs;


· Longevity – Establishing life-cycle criteria contribute to creating buildings that have long and useful lives.


· Land Conservancy - wise use of natural and cultural resources provides health, education, beauty, and increased quality of life for individuals and communities;


· LEED – With the advent of Leed Certification systems we  we provide our clients with an integrated set of services, including sustainable strategy, planning and design and LEED consulting.


We view sustainability as part of a larger responsibility toward environmental stewardship. Sustainability is a guiding principle for all our building and interior projects, and we approach every project as an opportunity to enhance building, organizational, human and environmental performance.